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  • 21.01.08
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Before we start could you please introduce yourself briefly?

So my name is Matt aka Matrix3k, I'm based in Warsaw, Poland and I DJ :) 

At first, we found out about you through your other job-Modeling. Last summer we happened to meet you in Seoul and even though it was a short time, we felt you were deeply into underground dance music. Could you tell us how you got into vinyl collecting and DJing?

So I got introduced to DJ by my dear friend Ashlynn, whom I met in Seoul about two years ago. She brought a little Dj controller with her,  and I got "hooked". The first time I went crate digging was in a famous rush hour store in Amsterdam. The whole process of looking thru hundreds of 12'', listening to them and being exposed to so many artists, sounds and styles in such a short span of time was really magical to me. 

We're curious about the atmosphere of Warsaw's underground dance music scene before and after the covid-19 pandemic. Also please tell us about your label "ORBITRAXX" based in Warsaw. 

Warsaw is a really special place for me, I think it's a bit underrated in European scene. We have a fair amount of really good clubs/parties that have a really underground vibe, and it's because Poland was a part of soviet block until 1989, so naturally Poland was slowly adjusting to the western culture, so the clubbing scene is not as mainstream as it is for instance in Berlin or Amsterdam. The best example of an underground party is ORBITRAXX which is a party collective that I am a part of, this is probably as raw, oldschool and underground as it can get in Warsaw. Most events are happening in disused places all around Warsaw, and you can hear there mostly old school techno and trance. But during coronavirus pandemic the clubbing scene is almost non existent, there used to be some parties during the summer, for example second ORBITRAXX event, few parties in my favorite club, Jasna 1 and few open airs, but we hit second lockdown so almost every club is closed now.

Considering your job, you must have visited many countries/cities so far. Which city is the best for your crate digging? What's your digging routine? Any good tips?  

Well I would love to say Warsaw but unfortunately we only have one good vinyl store, and the techno section is rather small, so at the moment i think i would have to choose between Tokyo or Seoul. The amount of cool vinyl stores in Seoul is impressive, and they're located in the same area so it's super convenient. And regarding my digging routine, I don't think i have one, most of the times i just go to the crate that has techno/electro/ghetto in it and just go thru it, when something catches my eye, for example label that i know, artist or just artwork or name i take it and listen to it. ¯(ツ)/¯ 

Could you tell us more about this mix? 

In this mix i wanted to have really high energy, and play it as i would play it in a club. With the selection I was trying to go with some newer tracks and also some old, unknown gems that I personally love! 

Are there any new plans or resolutions you want to share with us for 2021?

Well I can't be too certain about 2021 because of the whole corona situation, but i am working on my first LP, but i can't say more about it now haha.

MATRIX3K's Facebook Link:

Translation by Closet Yi

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