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Interview: Wreck

  • 21.04.27
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Wreck @wreckpack, Illustrator / Skater

[한국어 인터뷰 읽기]

More than a year has passed since the Pandemic Declared in March 2020. We'd like to know if there has been any change in your daily routine and your work.

Well, to be honest, I don't think my life has changed much. I am not really an outdoor person at the beginning. I have skateboarded for about 11 years and started painting again 4-5 months ago. I could only do painting at home since then, but I don’t have much to complain about this. One inconvenience is that I can't go on a trip abroad, yet it is okay because I can still interact and collaborate with friends abroad through Instagram DM. But sometimes when I want to go to club, I do miss loud music and my friends.

When we saw your drawings for the first time, we thought you might be a Hardcore Junglist. 

I actually don’t know a lot about Rave music. I am also not a big fan of upbeat songs, going like “da-da-da-da.” Well, one day, I ran across a rave flyer, and the drawing on it was so cool. I was like “What is this?” so I came to look for such drawings and found that those are called Rave Flyer and Rave Art from the 1990s. After that, I frequently look for websites that have archives of these graphics.  

We fell in love with your 'Deadly Hands Zine' at first glance and immediately asked you to make graphics for us. It's amazing that it was only 4-5 months ago that you started working in earnest.  

I majored in animation but haven’t drawn for about 11 years. It was so boring after going into college after years of practice for the entrance exam of art college. I suddenly fell in love with skateboarding after graduating from college when I was twenty-four, so all I did was skating at that time. I sometimes made some graphics needed for my brand 'Dead Man Calling(DMC)' but rarely drew a complete picture with pen and pencil. Then, it occurred to me that I feel I cannot skate forever since I am aging. It’s physical. I thought like ‘I should make a breakthrough that I can still do even when I get old.’ That made me focus on drawing very hard for about 4-5 months since last year. 

When I was preparing for the art college entrance exam, the composition of a human body in my painting had to be perfectly drawn and the perspective had to be all in sync. I was taught like that. I think this drawing habit lasted for me for a long time until I was in college. That made me lose confidence in my drawings. After I started drawing again, however, pictures came out easily since I expressed things just in a way I liked. It felt like I just needed my hands to portray an already drawn painting in my head. That was exactly 4-5 months ago when I grabbed a pencil again. Before that, I only used computers to make DMC clothes.

While we are still living in the Pandemic era, we want to hear what is your plan for the near future.

Just to talk about my wishes from now on, I would like to continue drawing and collaborating with friends abroad, just like now. I also want to show a lot of different sides in my DMC works. I was really into skateboarding and skateboard was one of my favorites when I started DMC, so it was natural to tell people about my brand as a skateboard brand. A lot of people know it as a skate brand, but I am going to throw away that title. I want to go further and deal with many cultures that I like, graffiti and tattoos, also including skateboards. I would be collaborating with diverse people who would go well with or be related to my creations and try creating different clothes too.

So, now you also listen to Rave music?

I have listened to it once. There is such a feeling, you know, like loose and naughty when you look at Rave artworks just as in my drawings. So, I got curious and tried it once. But I couldn’t really listen to it (laugh). It definitely is the music that cannot take during being sober

Interview, Photos by Xione Qin

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