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Interview: Jongho Kim

  • 21.05.13
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Jongho Kim @13adtaste_ , Skater / Silkscreen Printmaker

[한글 인터뷰 읽기]

More than a year has passed since the Pandemic Declared in March 2020. We'd like to know if there has been any change in your daily routine and your work.

There's been not much to do other than working. It's not possible to go out at night, so I just hang with friends during the day and skateboard. That's pretty much it. I feel I can do more self-contemplation, though. It's been two years since I moved to Seoul from Busan. Thanks to COVID, I barely made new friends. There used to be some parties, skateboarding meetups and all, but... When I was in Busan, I worked as a founding member at a club called output. The absence of parties have more impact on this scene than you may expect, as in taking away chances to build new connections along with the tunes and gatherings. 

Since I moved to Seoul, I got into home furnishing. I'm always on Karrot market(a second-hand marketplace app). I'm more of a buyer. One time, I spent ages trying to find this teak furniture. I also got a desk, couch, table, bedside table, lamp and... I'm satisfied with all of them. I collect CDs, so I newly bought this second-hand audio deck at a reasonable price through Karrot. I've been using it on the weekends, listening to music.

You work at a silkscreen printing house printing for our clothes. Is there any story behind getting a job there?

It's been slightly over a year since I started working here. It was right after COVID broke. My boss said it used to be way busier and had a lot more clients before then. For now, some of the clients are gone, and there's less work. Back in Busan, I used to run my brand. I had to discontinue it for some reasons. I kept on drawing, though. Considering my product production background, I thought of working at a silkscreen printing place. I supposed, once I build some skills, I can open my own print house. That'll be my regular income; then, I can possibly present my clothing line on the side. Besides, I like this job. It's fun and suits me so well. I've been broadening my graphic design skills through learning how to make silkscreen plates and methods of using inks in different situations.

We are still in the middle of the pandemic era. Please share your next plan with us.

I'm preparing for my brand independently. I'll put up my website in May and launch some minimal items with silkscreen printed graphics. I want to create parodies of old Skate Punk album covers. I'll go for silkscreen printing because I prefer the feel of CMYK printing to digital textile print(DTP). It may turn out to be my pastime thing, like creating some prints to hang on a wall. But I'll try not to have much stress. I won't worry about the sales. I'd already registered my business name as 'BAD LAD,' inspired by a movie called 'BAD TASTE' that I watched back in high school. Apart from t-shirts, the merchandise range might cover coasters, cushions and screen mesh lamps. It's still in the thought process.

What is skateboarding to you? How has it influenced you?

I started it just for fun. Now that I look back at it, it has affected me a lot in graphic design works and goods making. Once you're into it, isn't it normal to keep watching related videos on and on and on? Overseas skateboarding clips and skateboard culture-derived works inspire me. I started skateboarding in my 12th grade, and... I'm still a poser (laugh).

Interview, Photos by Xione Qin
Translate by Sorim Byeon

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