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  • 20.05.27
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Your recently moved from Seoul to Amsterdam a couple of months ago. How have you been doing lately?

Long time no see! I came to Amsterdam early this year as a working holiday. I'm currently working part time and also doing music works as well. I used to go to parties every week until the lockdown broke, but now I'm staying inside like everybody else. The good part is that I have a full set up studio in my space so I can focus on more music, and dig through more tunes in the night time. Also I'm trying to proceed my DJ career by doing more mix set and live streams time to time.

Actually we wanted to start with a more ice breaking question to warm up. What did you have for dinner today? Maybe breakfast as well?

I'm definitely doing more cooking these days. This evening I made Korean Ddukbokki and marinated fried chicken for my roommate who haven't tried any Korean dish before! I strictly followed the Baek-Jongwon recipe, which is highly recommended for you guys. The marinated fried chicken was so good. It made me a little homesick. For breakfast I had a bitter black coffee..

You started your career as a dj in Seoul, but moved to Netherlands. How does this effect your DJing skills and music style?

There isn't any difference in the taste of sound that I like. I'm deeply into 90s and early 00s cosmic trance and techno, which makes it really lucky for me to be in Amsterdam because they have a lot of record shops that are well curated in those styles. So many 90s Dutch Techno records too. It's good to be somewhere physically close to what I love, and I think it is definitely giving me positive energy. (I'm finally becoming a real nerd!) On top of that, this quarantine made me start listening to more trip-hop and downtempos rather than dance music stuff.

How is the Dutch scene handling this club-shutdown situation so far? We're curious about the city's vibe.

Majority of the musicians are trying to work on more production, and DJs are broadcasting different kinds of podcast, radio, and facebook live streams. On the other hand some people just locked themselves inside. Most of the summer festivals are postponed to next year and the clubs are all closed at the moment so we're expecting everything to be recovered around next year. My friends told me that the summer events are the best here, so everyone's really sad about missing all of them this year. Poor me..

Then let me ask you the other way around. Is there anything you found interesting about the Korean art scene between the last few months while you were there?

My C'est Qui partner in crime Closet Yi's release stands out very well looking from here. (Congrats girl!) Also I really enjoyed the Honey Badger Records compilation album 'HBRTRX Vol.3'. Each track has it's uniqueness, but at the same time it felt like all the tracks are heading towards a consistent theme. All the artists are pretty young, yet with a professional attitude, and there's a lot of buddies in the crew(JNS the boss, Soju buddy Mignon, sister Closet Yi, and last but not least Sojeso) so I love to hear their music and support them!

Tell us about your THE-INTL.MIX. Is there any track that you want to mention specifically?

This mixtape is a collection through my favourite 90s to early 00s trance tracks. I gave a lot of variation in the tempo this time. It's fun to try these things because you're not playing at a club, so you can give lots of variation to the structure of your mix set. There are a couple of tracks I want to introduce (in time sequence): Zero One - Trust (Analogue Mix): a 90s downtempo trance tune I listen to often thesedays, Closet Yi - Basalt (玄武岩): good balance between the rough basslines and tickling percussion, S.O.N.S & Naone - Separate Ways.: My favourite track from my EP release with S.O.N.S. I get really emotional when I listen to it.

Congratulations on your first collaboration EP release with S.O.N.S! Could you explain us how you two started working together?

S.O.N.S is one of my close DJ friends who used to live in the same neighborhood (Shout out to Bogwangdong!). We worked on the EP from late 2018 to summer of 2019. The collaboration got serious after I bought the TB-303 from one of his friends. The track 'Separate Ways' for instance was finished in his studio together after I wrote the bassline with the TB-303. I can't show all of his gadgets, but he has a serious collection. I deeply respect S.O.N.S as a friend and musician, and I've been always into his sounds, so it was an amazing experience for me to work with him this time. It was so exciting to design the emotional trance sounds that I've always dreamed of.

Translation by Closet Yi


Tuu - House of the Waters zerO One - Trust (analogue mix) Source Experience - Synaesthesia Closet Yi - Basalt (玄武岩) CJ Bolland - Mantra ? ? Dance 2 Trance - We Came in Peace Vulva - Kellogg’s Corn Circles Call Super and Parris- Chiselers Rush Paddy Free - Lali Photek - KJZ A Positive Life - The Calling Asura - They Will Come Naone & S.O.N.S - Separate Ways Bochum Welt - Extra Life

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